canvas belt

canvas belt

canvas belt
The flat canvas belt is actually the most widely used type of belt in Iran, which has loops woven in the form of fabric on both sides for connection. Round tarpaulin belt or sling belt that is integrated and continuously woven and is used as a sling on both sides. Open tarpaulin belt which is sold by the meter from the coil and according to the customer’s request.
Although the useful length of this type of Chinese belt is often shorter than European products, in the last decade, due to the impressive progress of China’s industries, by purchasing and using the most modern industrial machines, the use of this country’s production belt has also been maximized. .

Canvas belt is offered in different colors which are conceptual factors. This means that according to the standard, the lifting capacity of the load has been determined to a certain extent per unit of belt width, and of course, to a certain extent according to the number of layers used for different colors. Usually, this belt is known by inches and then the number of Manjid layers.
Manjid belt is a type of industrial belt that is used to transfer power and movement in various industries and is made of tarpaulin, which is a resistant and flexible material. In fact, Manjid tarpaulin belt is available in different types including width, thickness and length. The dimensions and sizing of these products are usually determined based on the specific needs of each application and industry.
The thickness of this type of Elvatoria belt is different from that of Manjid belt. The thickness and length of the belt can usually be determined based on the customer’s needs.
Common materials for this belt include polyester, polyethylene, polyamide and polyurethane. Also, the dimensions and sizing of the canvas belt of the conveyor also have an important effect on its price.

Despite all this, the price of belts that have higher resistance to wear and environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and chemicals is usually higher, and resistance to wear and external factors can be improved by using different coatings, including heat-resistant layers, coatings Strengthen anti-wear and anti-chemical coatings
Belts with high tensile strength are used to carry heavy load conveyors.
Flat lip or cut canvas belts are belts that are produced in factories with a high width, and then they are cut into different widths for sale, or they are sent to the manufacturer’s factory. This belt is often used in industries as a flat belt with a bucket, and a bucket or bucket is used on this industrial belt at different intervals.

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