P.U Round Belt

P.U Round Belt

Polyurethane belt has the same composition as other industrial belts, p.u round belt the only difference is in its appearance and geometry, which is round and edgeless. Due to the presence of edges in industrial belts, the amount of high tension and flexibility of the belt is reduced, and due to the increase of its contact with the part, it also causes wear. Polyurethane belt has high wear resistance due to not having an edge and does not suffer from wear. The raw materials of welding belts and other industrial belts are of the same type, but compared to polyurethane round belts, they have more wear resistance.

Among the types of industrial belts with a round cross-section, we can mention polyurethane and polyurethane belts. Polycord belts are made of polyurethane or PU polymer materials and are also sold in the market under the titles of bone belts or Bancor belts.
These belts are produced and sold in the market in different sizes of length and width. Bankord belts have high flexibility in different directions and are very efficient in different industries. Installing and connecting these belts is easy.
Due to its polyurethane material, this type of belt is one of the most important and efficient belts for transferring power from roller to roller or as conveyor and conveyor belts.
Most of these belts are used in all kinds of industries: tile making, glass making, printing and packaging, ceramic making.

PU Timing Belts are innovative high performance power transmission belts made with polyurethane resin body and tension wire in steel fiber or aramid. High elastic modulus of tension ropes provides good dimensional stability under load. The production process, based on a unique and very complex technology, together with the high quality of the materials used, makes our belts very precise.

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