Power transmission flat belts

Power transmission flat belts

Power transmission flat belts

Power transmission flat belts have many applications in different industries. The components of power transmission flat belts are divided into three general items:

Polyester, polyamide, aramid

Flat belts are used to transmit power in tangent pulleys and drive pulleys.

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The advantages and application of power transmission flat belts depend on its type, which we will discuss further.


Low energy consumption – sustainable in terms of estimation – can be easily connected to the two ends of the belt using a special glue.

Poly amid:

It is mostly used in situations where there is more pressure on the poles – the tensile layers are very resistant and can deal with intermittent overloads – this type of material also has a good resistance to wear.


Very simply, its two ends are connected together – high accuracy of revolutions per minute due to precise modules of flexibility – the leather condition of this type of material makes this type of belt work in dirty situations and does not cause any problems.

There are different types of bed belts

One form of this product is its leather type. This type can be two or more layers and in its middle layers, textiles, weaves and polymers are used. Flat leather belts are used when there is a high probability of slipping and the speed of the process must be low.

Another type, this product is made of rubber. In this model, the braids and threads are covered with rubber. This product sticks well to the reel and has a lot of elasticity.

The third type of flat belt is woven. which can have from three to twelve layers depending on the thickness. The braids in this model can be made of linen fibers or synthetic fibers.

They can be covered with rubber or not.

This product has medium speed and strength. The fourth and last type is a flat belt with long strands. The long strands are made of linen or synthetic fibers.

This product is in the form of a ring and is very suitable for heavy and high speed processes. The elasticity of this type is low.

This product has a simple structure and needs larger pulleys to move, and its main job is to transmit power in industrial machines.

The pulley that is used to move the flat belt is usually made of cast iron or steel and has two protrusions on the pulley body in order to fix the position of the belt on itself.

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