Flat gear timing belt

Flat gear timing belt
Flat gear timing belt

The flat gear timing belt is another type of timing belt that has flat teeth and these teeth are mounted well on the bearing and cause power transmission and engine movement.
Flat gear belts are used in all kinds of industrial engines and cars, and depending on the place of use, each flat gear timing belt is used in different sizes in different places. Various brands are producing this belt, and Fidar Roll provides you with the most high-quality and reliable brands of time belts. The quality of manufacturing and production of this belt is very important and important for use in the engine and also to keep the engine healthy.

It is very difficult to distinguish a quality flat gear belt from a low quality one without using the belt inside the engine and only from the appearance of the work, therefore, in order to buy this type of quality belt, always refer to reputable stores in this regard. do it Pay attention to the fact that the price and cheapness of this belt is not a good criterion for buying a belt and be sure to buy the time belt you want based on the quality and standard of the guarantee that you receive from the seller. The quality of the flat gear belt is important in the sense that if the belt breaks during use, it will cause irreparable damage to your engine and cause huge costs.

The length of the flat rib timing belt cannot be changed, and the number of belt ribs is specified and made of fabric, but the width of these belts is cut according to the width of the corresponding foley. The gear shape of the flat gear timing belt is also different based on the existing standard codes and each gear type has different steps.
Industrial flat gear timing belt such as:
XL, L, H, XH, XXH, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20
This type of timing belts mentioned above have flat gears and are sometimes used with an anti-wear coating in the tile or printing and packaging industries.
Since the rubber and materials used in the buildings due to the heat generated over time will wear out, the flat gear timing belt needs to be replaced periodically. Ballast timing belt should be done in a shorter period of time.

Of course, some modern industrial flat gear timing belts are made of compounds that are resistant to high heat, such as enriched nitrile, but their prices are very high. The lifespan of this belt is determined by its manufacturers in terms of working time or movement distance. can be
Failure to replace these belts on time due to their very sensitive role in adjusting and coordinating the performance of other parts of the engine can cause heavy losses, lock or break other parts of the engine. In most cases, the foley is replaced at the same time as the flat gear timing belt. If this type of industrial belt is not replaced on time, usually the inner teeth are corroded first, and then the belt generally becomes loose and increases in length, which in both cases will cause problems in performing its main task.

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