Round gear timing belt

Round gear timing belt

Round gear timing belt
Different types of timing belts are used in most industrial machines and even cars to transmit engine power and torque. The most important and best part of using these round gear belts is the good locking of these belts with all kinds of bearings and roller bearings, which makes them not slip at all and continue to rotate well, unlike flat belts. The belt has a series of teeth that are semi-circular and the ends of these teeth are not flat, unlike flat timing belts, that’s why it is called round timing belt.

The alloys and quality of round gear belts are made of the best and highest quality raw materials, which can be resistant to wear, oil and burns. Timing belts are produced from plastic and various rubber alloys, and round gear belts are no exception. But it is also important that low-quality timing belts are also available in the market, which tear and damage the engine after a short period of use, which can cost a lot of money, so you should be careful when buying it. .

The use of all kinds of round gear timing belts
Same time round gear: 2M-3M-4.5M-5M-8M-14M-20M This family of round gear is called (HTD) and it is used in places where the machine works with high speed.
Flat gear timing belt. Flat gear timing belt pitch: MXL – XL – L – H – XH – XXH. This type of flat gear timing belt is used where the device works with high power.
Timing belt on both sides of the gear pitch of the timing belt on both sides of the gear: DXL – DL – DH – D5M – D8M – D14M This type of timing belt is used in places where it is necessary to circulate a timing belt of several follies at the same time.
This type of belt works like a chain and a gear wheel, and the timing gears of the round gear create suitable engagement with the grooves of the gear wheel and are used in tile and ceramic machines, printing and packaging, oil and petrochemical, food, etc. the river This type of belt is useful in cars and industries.
But it is very difficult to recognize this type of quality belt without using a timing belt, which requires a lot of experience in this field to be able to choose a perfect belt. Therefore, try to buy not only the flat gear timing belt, but all types of belts from a reputable store. Milad Kohn Belt Industrial Group gives you the opportunity to buy a quality timing belt at the best and most suitable price in the market.

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