Grooved belt

Industrial grooved belt
It is a set of power transmission belts that are made in the form of multi-grooves with various steps and lengths. Time, multi-groove, grooved, industrial is one of the groups of power transmission belts.
This type is made and produced from 5 to 6 v-shaped belts together. They are made of rubber and polyurethane compounds with strong threads.
Due to its strength and flexibility, it has been used in many industrial equipments and has many uses in different industries. The sale of these belts is one of the industries that have different uses.
Industrial multi-groove belts and technical specifications
Multi-groove belts, if they are constantly and frequently bent, consume less energy for internal friction, and if the heat is high, they are not efficient, and for this reason, they stay cool for a longer time during operation, and another feature of
It is this ability to bend that makes manufacturers use this belt for spiral track systems.
Grooved belts have different types of dimensions, models and materials and are designed based on the needs of the equipment.
Grooved industrial belt
In smaller steps such as PH and PJ, up to 220 grooves can be produced. But in larger steps such as: PK, PL, PH, it can be produced in 48 grooves and in some cases up to 54 grooves.If the multi-groove belts are bent one after the other, it consumes a lower amount of energy in internal friction. The increase in work efficiency is due to the reduction of heat effects on the belt.
It must be said that this belt stays cool for a longer period of time while working.
The bending of multi-groove belts has caused the designers to design the multi-groove belt path as a complete set or as a spiral path.
Features of the grooved industrial belt:
Among the properties and characteristics of the grooved industrial belt, we can mention the low vibration period and the possibility of a large transmission ratio.The whole multi-groove belt is like a silver chain. This belt is available in different dimensions based on the number and model. These belts have many applications in power transmission industrial equipment, polybutadiene compounds and special fibers are produced for this industry.
The characteristics of PH – EPH – PJ – EPJ – PK – PL – PM are separated. These belts, which are produced from CR or polyurethane rubber compounds, are used in many industries today.This type of belt is usually a type of power transmission belt and its structure and shape are very similar to timing belts.
Among the salient features of these types of belts, the following points can be mentioned:
Smooth operation without vibration

The short height of this type makes it flexible on winding paths.

Resistant to heat and oil changes.

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