Types of packing belts

Types of packing belts


Types of packing belts

Packaging belts can be divided into 3 different types with different functions:

1- Polypropylene (PP) plastic packaging belt

2- polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packing belt

3- Metal packaging belt

Polypropylene (PP) plastic packaging belt

Since the stronger and more resistant the packaging belt is, of course, the products that are packed are also more safe during transportation. Polypropylene (PP) plastic packaging belt, with its strength, resistance And it has a high boiling point, it is considered one of the most widely used types of packaging belts, which has a high performance in the packaging industry, and in light packaging such as cardboard and paper industries, paraffin and other packages and small products. It is used in semi-heavy industries such as all kinds of household appliances, including refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, and also in super heavy industries such as tiles and ceramics, pallets of petrochemical and chemical products, wood, chipboard, and MDF.

PP packing belts are based on the following features:

Quality variety of belts based on crystal, first grade and second grade. Variety of belt sizes. Variety of belt colors. Providing soft and hard belts with required thicknesses. Providing manual and machine belts. Providing semi-automatic and fully automatic belts. Usability Belts for any brand of belt tensioners, printed and unprinted

Packing belt in all kinds of belt tensioners

The packing belt serves all kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic table belt tensioners and portable belt tensioners such as pneumatic belt tensioners to help secure the packaging of various products. The packaging belt has a remarkable efficiency in various industries in a completely comprehensive manner; Industries such as: food industry, carpentry and furniture industry, ceramics and tiles, household appliances, etc. In fact, the belt is like a tight belt around the goods that have been selected for packaging, in different types of strapping machines, and it is tightened around the package in different ways. There are different types of packing belts available in the market to have proper performance in all kinds of belt tensioning devices, which can be easily obtained from reputable centers such as Milad Kohn Belt Company. Strapping devices that use this type of packaging belt include semi-automatic and fully automatic table strapping and portable strapping including pneumatic strapping and manual strapping.

Features of PET packaging belt

Usually, the weight of each roll of PET packing belt is about 18 to 22 kg. Due to the meltability of the PET packing belt, as a suitable alternative for

Metal packaging belts can be used. Since the PET packaging belt has a very high resistance against the sun and all kinds of pressures, it is used in a considerable amount in industrial productions.

Metal packing belt

Definitely, in order to provide proper security for the packaging of heavy and bulky goods, the best choice among the types of packaging belts are metal packaging belts, which have three different types:

Metal packing belt, spring steel, galvanized metal packing belt, oiled metal packing belt

PET packing belt

PET packing belt is used to pack high-weight (heavy) goods, and the pneumatic belt tensioner is one of the types of belt tensioning devices that use this type of belt to carry out packaging work. slow, the production of this type of packaging belt is done in two different types:

PET packing belt with ivory PET packing belt without ivory

PET packing belt, like other packing belts, has different sizes, which after production, enters the market and is offered to customers.

When using this type of belt, like all belts, you should choose the right size for packaging so that the quality of the packaging is good and the product is not damaged. For example, the following items can be considered when packing:

To pack medium-weight items or parts, whether their size is small or large, size 16 PET packing belt should be used. Pet packing belt size 19 can also be used for packing goods or heavy pieces.

Among the features of various types of metal packaging belts, the following can be mentioned:

All its types are not harmful to the environment. In terms of strength and elasticity, both types of oiled and galvanized metal packaging belts are the same, and in these cases, there is no difference with each other. If the oiled metal packing belt is placed in a humid environment, its surface will rust due to the presence of oxidized moisture, while the galvanized metal packing belt will not rust at all.Types of packing belts


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