V belt

V belt

V belt

V-belts are one of the most practical types of industrial belts in power transmission. Power transmission belts are used to connect two or more pulleys, one of the pulleys has a generating role, and the power and torque produced by the power transmission belt is transferred to the other pulleys.

Among the most practical types of power transmission belts, we can mention car propeller belts, which take the generating torque from the crankshaft and give it to the dynamo, radiator propeller, and sometimes even the car cooler by means of pulleys and by using the power transmission belt.

Power transmission belts in various forms include flat power transmission belts, grooved flat belts, poly cord belts, V-belt belts and canvas belts, each of which is more suitable for performance in specific conditions. V-Belt belts have a trapezoidal cross-section and are made of PU polyurethane. In order to have more wear resistance, especially on the angular edges of the V-Belt belt, a fabric covering of synthetic fibers is used on this belt.

Power transmission belts are under the influence of very high wear and tensile stresses. One of the most important quality characteristics of V-Belt belts is the ability to transmit resistance against creep or permanent length change under tension. In fact, if the power transmission belt is faced with an increase in length, it will actually lose the surface friction in the power transmission and it will fail. One of the methods used by large manufacturers in the production of belts is the use of cords or metal wires or polyester in several rows inside the polymer compounds of V-Belt belts, which prevents the permanent increase of the length of these belts.

Reliable brands of V-Belt belts

Diagnosing and comparing the mechanical capabilities of belts is practically not possible for all users and requires a complete knowledge of mechanics and materials. One of the easiest ways for users to choose and buy high-quality industrial belts is to choose according to the manufacturer’s brand. In fact, the reputable brands of industrial belts are in competition with each other in order to increase their technical and quality capabilities, and therefore the public perception of buying belts from reputable brands is correct.

According to the industry initiative, “V belt is a very suitable option for all kinds of industrial applications, with an increase in power transmission capacity up to 30% compared to standard belts and a reduction in costs. This V belt is suitable for use under tensile stress and high rotational speed for It is designed and manufactured for industrial applications with a speed of 100 to 8000 rpm and a working power of 1 to 400 kW. The V Belt is produced in 5 different layers. The outer layer is made of thread to create maximum friction. In the inner layer A covering surface sponge and a thick sponge layer on top of the V, inside which wires are used to increase the tensile strength, and the lower part of the V in this industrial belt is also made of polychloropine.

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